• A Multifaceted Real Estate Services Group

    One stop for all your Real Estate needs. 

    Buy, Sell, Finance.

  • Group of Services


    noun, [ 'grüp ]  a collection or assemblage of persons or things;

    which are connected by some shared activity, interest, or quality.


    Buy & Sell Real Estate




  • Your Agent - Real Estate Purchase


    noun [ā′jənt] A person who acts on behalf of another or client,

    who unconditionally preserves the best interests of that client.



    The approach is simple: listen & understand the client’s needs, develop goals while educating about the real estate process and execute the plan as their unconditional advocate & realtor.


    The motor that powers my approach is my robust work ethic, creative problem solving, and competitive spirit to put my clients in the very best position.


  • Mortgage Financing


    “When we leverage, we aggregate and organize existing resources

    to achieve success.” - Richie Norton




    I understand a home is the most expensive purchase many people will make in their lifetimes, with the mortgage loan being the largest debt they will ever borrow.  After the devastating 2007-2008 real estate market crash, I witnessed the consequences of shoddy loans fueled by substandard advice from loan brokers.



    These experiences of the past, as well as the gravity of this financial decision, only further cements my responsibility as your unconditional advocate, adviser, and mortgage loan broker.


    We will work together to secure the best loan options, and most importantly, decide on a loan that meets the long & short term needs of you and your family.


  • Philosophy

    Colfax Group

    The Group's essence is comprised of:


    • Unwavering integrity & honesty.
    • Nearly 20 years of extensive real estate experience, ranging from Appraisal to Realtor and Mortgage Loan Origination.
    • Knowledge and success from project management of complete home remodels.
    • A passion for client education regarding the nuances & inner workings of the real estate business.
    • A mutually trusted network, composed of friends, family and colleagues, that we frequently utilize for opportunities and problem solving.
    • Exceptional work ethic, the engine that makes it all run.

    What can you expect from Colfax Group?  


    Our success is defined by the quality service provided.



    Colfax Group started as an appraisal firm, which is like the ‘engineer’ of real estate.  With this foundation, we always incorporate fundamentals, logic and calculations into any approach.



    Listening. We don’t wait to talk. The foundation of success is to fully understanding the needs of the client and this is only accomplished by the art of listening.



    Passion for education; we believe an informed client will lead themselves to accurate conclusions. Therefore, our responsibility is to be that quality teacher.



    When it comes to the salesmanship side of real estate, we focus our attention on creative and proactive problem solving as well as powerful negotiation tactics.


  • Reviews

    We never lose sight that it’s the people and relationships that make a house a home.  Please read some of our recent reviews from our Google+ Page.

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    Jason Cosetti

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    BRE Sales license #01411870

    NMLS Mortgage Originator license #432183

    Certified Appraiser license #AR027206


    Broker of Record:

    Cabrillo Mortgage and Realty Services

    license #01087406